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2017 / video / 15 min. / color / sound

Love goes through the stomach (literal English translation of the German proverb “Thewaytoaman'sheartisthroughhisstomach“) is a found footage film about food, more precisely: about our relationship to food products as well as to the animals whose milk we drink and whose meat we eat. The film collage provides disturbing insights into the behavior of an affluent Western society who does not care about the origin and the production conditions of our food products. The video begins with a soft whispering voice in the style of ASMR (Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response). Then we see people who are presenting meat products they have just bought, and who are mostly wrapped in plastic. We also see people who film themselves while they are eating. This trend that originated in South Korea, is called „Mukbang“: “people who stare at people who eat”. LOVE GOES THROUGH THE STOMACH is both humorous and bitterly true, pointing to the destructive aspects of global consumer behavior.

Michaela Metzger 2018