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2017 / Bärenzwinger Berlin / multimedia installation

The exhibition BEARLY LEGAL at the Bärenzwinger, follows a critical inquiry into how humans view animals. “In principle, each cage is a framework around the animal”, writes John Berger in 1980 in “Why Look at Animals?”. The animal becomes an image in the zoo which we can view. We feel close to it, but at the same time it is alien to us. It is its otherness that particularly fascinates us. Nowhere else is that so apparent than in the zoo, where humans – despite also being mammals that are part of nature – exhibit and view animals as museum objects. BEARLY LEGAL not only thematizes this way of keeping animals, but attempts to challenge established habits through an artistic lens. On these grounds, the art collective NEOZOON develops a four-part, multimedia installation for the Bärenzwinger.

Michaela Metzger 2018